S Pusten

The breath itself is the most powerful tool for creating a life with less stress. The longer we sit and breathe calmly, the more we let our stomachs free, the more relaxed we can become.

Evidence-based health benefits of deep breathing:

–  lowers blood pressure

–  reduces pain

–  regulates stress, anxiety and depression

–  stimulates the lymphatic system

–  improves attitude

–  takes care of your heart

–  eliminates toxins in the body

S Pusten is a specific breathing technique that softens the diaphragm, relaxes muscles, strengthens the lungs, gives more oxygen to the internal organs, and reduces stress level in the body. I believe our lives are a reflection of our inner thoughts – thus our beliefs shape our reality. S Pusten teaches you to turn around your negative thoughts, find your potential resources and helps you to achieve your inner balance.

Further S Pusten focuses on to strengthen your mental health so you become more wise and balanced when coping with life challenges and crisis. You will be better equipped to take control of your mind and learn that your mind does not rule over you!

By strengthening yourself mentally, you will dare to become more visible on every platform. You will learn to know yourself and realize how unique you are! The good feeling and self-confidence shall shine throughout you!

Finally, you will learn to accept that all your resources and qualities are your superpowers. Even those you consider negative and problematic.

As your mental trainer, I am concerned with your inner feelings and comfort. I offer you safe conversations and exercises that give you less stress, less worries, less ailments and not least more joy in life, more energy, increased self-confidence, better sleep and much more!

Let us together work with your challenges. Book a 30 min FREE session so I can find out how I can help you in the best possible way. I offer sessions both online (skype, teams, or other agreed place) or personal meetings.

“Feel strong and understood with S Pusten!”

Demobilize negatively stored stress with S Pusten.

Do you want an active and efficient session with me?

Try my standard packages!


Stress down does not necessarily mean to calm down, but to REDUCE the stress hormone levels in the body. Here you will learn effective techniques to reduce negative stored stress and get a body with less pain and less stiffness.


Without a good sleep you will not function. The body initiates a number of processes while we sleep. Consistent sleep gives the body time to maintain its immune system and rebuild tissues and organs. A good night's sleep also gives the brain valuable rest, making us less irritable and more obvious for the day to come. In this package you get help to understand how to sleep better!


This package helps you boost your energy with almost immediate effect. You will feel more lively and brisk throughout the day and it gives you a greater ability to work towards your goals!
When you enjoy something, you increase the production of oxytocin (happy hormone) which gives us a quick feeling of well-being in body and mind. This package also enhances well-being, self-esteem, humor and confidence.


Do you want to help your body to repair itself and
make you more young and vital to gene level?
Then, this is for you! The package contains a specific
exercise from the East that physically enlarges the brain,
increases your memory power and gives less inflammation in your body!


Clients experiences;

“After class I felt obvious and at the same time very relaxed. I did not get the usual period of fatigue in the afternoon, and also had a lot of energy throughout the evening. Which I often have after a hectic day at work. I slept very well that night and was also obvious the day after …

I think Ashika completed the class very well. She thoroughly explained each exercise and its purpose, and corrected along the way to achieve the desired effect. She also followed up with questions along the way to hear if the effect could be felt. She is committed and positive which makes this interesting and safe to try out ”

Anne Cecilie
“Had my second session with Ashika it was tough exercises we went through and they made my heart rate increase. I felt very relaxed after the session, and gained more energy afterwards. Regular sessions are nice so you do not forget all the exercises in one busy everyday life!”
Jiesi Chen, 32


I look forward to helping you!