“Inhale and exhale, and bring out your best side!”

An everyday life with less stress and more joy is the best thing you can give to yourself and others. By developing an interdisciplinary competence in: change processes, stress management, mental training, relationship building, motivation, empowerment and the study of hormones (endocrinology, epigenetics, brain research) gave me a significant insight into how body and mind are connected, and what the role breathing plays in our health. I´m passionate to doing something meaningful in life. Helping someone create positive changes in life gives me good feeling and a lot of energy, and not least a meaning!

My story

For many years I have underestimated myself and my ability. For many years I have thought I was not good enough. I began to lose myself in the darkness. I constantly felt unsuccessful, unhappy, unmotivated, anxious, worried and embarrassed to face the world. I began to imagine what others thought and felt about me.

Every time someone asked me “what are you doing at the moment?” What are you working on? “, I fell into a vicious circle and shame. Because I had no idea what I was doing and who I was. At times I started asking questions. I experienced poor sleep at night, and difficulty in enjoying what life had to offer.

I am blessed with a beautiful family and I am mother of 2 wonderful children. I have a loving husband, a home, some friends and a balanced economy, but I often felt that I was missing something in my lifemyself.

I felt meaningless and did not even know how to prove myself worthy. I kept hoping that my husband, my children, my family members, or my friends would remove the low thoughts I had about myself.

In the journey of finding myself, I met many people from whom I learned a lot. I realized that the only person who actually has the power to change my life was ME! I realized that I needed to love myself, accept myself and change my self-talk to live a life filled with joy, pride, success, and many dreams. I slowly began to learn to accept myself fully, and I am constantly working to transform my so-called “weaknesses” into my strengths.

I acquired valuable knowledge about body and mind and how it is connected. I learned that the impossible can become possible. I learned ways to turn on the good genes. I learned techniques to bring out my inner “I”. By changing the inside and I started to see big positive changes on the outside. Everyone benefits a lot from working with their thoughts and feelings, and I found myself to have great benefits from using mental tools to find my inner strengths and motivation in life. Here I am passionate about contributing with my knowledge and experience to help you to make those changes you want in life to live the life you want!

I have an academic background in management and organizational psychology and have experience from office / administration and customer service. With a strong desire to do something meaningful for others, I have now embarked on a new journey as a Mental trainer/Coach. I want to help you feel good about yourself, know yourself better, map out your resources and find the right arenas to use it – for a resource has no value if it does not have an arena! Through listening, being present and cheering, the undiscovered side of you can emerge. I have a basic belief that all “problems” can be solved, and that life’s challenges only make you stronger.

I am humble and respectful in meeting other people. My goal is to assist the individual to face everyday life with courage, energy, hope and positivity – whether at work or at home or both.

I describe myself as a committed and gentle person and am interested in:

  • Your development and goal achievement
  • Self-management
  • Simple and open communication
  • To create good feeling
  • To show compassion
  • To see the connection between body and mind
  • To create safe conversations
  • To use personal experiences as lessons
  • To set realistic and good goals
  • To show respect for one’s own and others’ image of the world
  • To never be learned! – since life is a lesson!

I look forward to helping you!