I offer Coaching sessions for those who face:

stress, anxiety, lack of energy, low motivation, headaches, muscle aches, lack of sleep, low self-esteem, burnout, negative thought chatter and more.

I addition to pre-made standard mastery packages, I also tailo personal program for you – based on your needs and goals. I help you to master the exercises, so you can perform better, feel better and not least have a daily life with less stress and more joy.

My techniques originate from the world of yoga, research and sports. The exercises focus on being present here and now. You move in time with the rhythm of the your breath and use your breath to release tension in the body and create new energy.

Check out the standard packages or book a 30 min FREE session so I can find out how I can help you in the best possible way. I offer sessions online (skype, teams, or other agreed place) or personal meetings / home visits.

I have the pleasure of offering you:

  • 1 : 1 Coaching with optional standard / personal package, duration 60 min: NOK 750
  • Mental training for groups up to 6 people, duration 90 min: NOK 1,500