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I offer classes both online and face-2-face (either at attendance or home visits).

1. STRESS DOWN- Packages

Stress down does not necessarily mean to calm down, but to REDUCE the stress hormone levels in the body.

Here you will learn effective techniques to reduce negative stored stress and get a body with less pain.

3. ENERGIZED- Packages

A good boost – with almost immediate effect!
This package helps you achieve more energy throughout the day and give you a greater ability to work towards your goals!

When you enjoy something, you increase the production of oxytocin (  happy hormone) which gives us a quick feeling of well-being in your body and mind. This package also enhances well-being, self-esteem, humor and confidence.


Without a good sleep you will not function. The body initiates a number of processes while we sleep. Consistent sleep gives the body time to maintain the immune system and rebuild tissues and organs. A good night’s sleep also gives the brain valuable rest, making us less irritable and more obvious for the day to come. In this package you get help to understand what can help you fall into a deep sleep and sleep better!

4. BRAIN TRIM Packages

Do you want to help your body repair itself and make you more young and vital – right down to the gene level? Then, this is for you!
The package contains a specific exercise from the East that helps to create a bigger brain, increase your memory power and gives you less inflammation in your body and much more!